Compagnia Siderurgica – The Company

Compagnia Siderurgica SpA has specialized in sheet metal cutting and sale, offering a wide range of services that includes oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, rolling, CNC machining, metal structural works, bending, sandblasting, and beveling.

Compagnia Siderurgica SpA came into existence in 2015 after the change in name of SIDERURGICA SIMONATO, a company that had been working and selling sheet metal for over 25 years. Continuous improvement and the constant search for avant-garde production systems and technologies are an ongoing objective for the satisfaction of even the most demanding client in terms of quality and service through the development of special types of working. The Company’s growth and development over the years are the result of careful investments, the application of the latest technologies in the sector, and efficiency in the management of all company processes. This effort has been rewarded with the achievement of a high quality standard and brought us to the top of the sheet metal cutting and distribution sector. The closest attention is also given to the choice of our suppliers, who are evaluated carefully on the basis of the quality of their own products and punctuality in delivery in order to ensure the supply of an excellent product in the shortest time possible. The coordination of all these operative phases is the result of extensive study of all the productive processes involved, from the checks on the incoming sheet metal to the final product.